A few photos looking back. I can’t believe that’s my house!

Pic 1- Looking into garage

Pic 2- Tray ceiling in great room

Pic 3- Framing!

Pic 4- Outside looking in

Pic 5- Dining room

Pic 6- Great room

Pic 7- Kitchen

Pic 8- Backyard view looking in

Pic 9- Rocky!

More action at the job site.

Wow! #huge - weird without the patio cover. #fact I fell for the house with its shady kitchen and view. (I’m always that person watching House Hunters that says “no, no for direct sunlight. Probably because I bought a 50 year old house - less light, less flaws.)

Glad I didn’t forget anything in a closet. Wow, only a week.

A few pictures of the backyard. The one on top is from our wedding. How we decided to marry at our home is a great story that I’ll need to share. We have a nice size lot. I’ve always appreciated the “more than typical suburban” size. With the renovation we will lose space. I’m excited and a little sad at the same time.

What am I doing?

I’m definitely that person who says “I should really do…”. I make lists, for example I have visions of my personally curated recipe book project that in reality is a compilation of Pinterest tags, Tumblr likes and magazine tear-outs waiting for me to attack. So now I am doing. I’ve decided to document a project that has been a long time in the making - the remodel and renovation of what I affectionately call Bucknam Oaks, my home. I plan on posting mostly pictures - before, during and after because after so many years of watching HGTV the reveal is the best.

A few photos of Bucknam Oaks. My landscaping: gorgeous! I loved looking out into my yard and when I pull in the driveway at night. My brother (really brother-in-law but really my brother) Mike does amazing work.

This is the beginning - but there is so much more to how we got to this point. I’m not going to lie - when I pulled up to the house and saw the sign, I was floored. It made it all so real.